Образовательная лицензия № 041816
Официальный представитель
МГУ им. М.В. Ломоносова

At our institute are held:

Short-term training courses and state testing;

at six levels of knowledge of Russian as a foreign language (TRKI, A1-C2), based on which state-issued certificates of the appropriate level will be issued;


Pre-university training of undergraduates for graduate school: Russian as a foreign language;

Individual and group Russian as a foreign language classes;

Business (spoken and written) Russian language courses;

for foreign citizens working in Russia (the course is developed both for individual and group training);


Spoken Russian language courses;

for students studying at any universities in Moscow, which will help students feel confident in everyday situations in a university, hostel, cafe, transport, etc .;


Professional communication courses;

for students of medical universities studying in Russian which develop the ability to conduct professional communication in Russian — is the key to a brilliant medical career in Russia;


Courses for schoolers wishing to learn Russian;

on the platform of the Center of the Russian Language there is a regular (three times a week) video blog created by young professional teachers of Russian as a foreign language, who in a fun and visual way will talk about life in Russia, about Russian culture and traditions, and, of course, unobtrusively teach the Russian language.


Meeting club «Russian Tea Party»;

for those wishing to learn Russian in an informal friendly atmosphere and at the same time get acquainted with Russian culture and traditions. The format of the «Russian Tea Party» involves on-site classes on the territory of students — individually or in mini-groups (2-3 students).


Also, for those who want to discover Moscow or St.Petersburg, dive into the incredible world of Russian culture, know the inhabitants of Russia much more closer and begin to speak fluent Russian, we have a special offer which combine unique educational and travel programs! It won’t leave you indifferent!



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